Domestic water dispenser

Silent and compact, available in under-counter and over-counter versions, with internal or external carbonation-filtration group, GWS R&D domestic water dispensers respond to the growing demand of the home dispensing market by covering a wide segment of needs.

All our systems are produced in Italy, comply with current regulations on materials in contact with food and assembled with only components that work in low voltage for greater safety of the end user.

The static condenser reduces noise emissions, while the stainless steel drip tray and removable spout with caché aerator make cleaning easier. The front panel of the countertop models is always removable, for a quick change of look.

Easy to install, our models for the domestic sector are fitted with a one-way solenoid valve on the inlet which makes the installation of a pressure reducer upstream of the system superfluous. Top-of-the-range performance thanks to the large saturator, which allows you to dispense up to 2 liters of sparkling water continuously.

Our domestic water dispenser