Office water dispenser

GWS Industries offers practical and functional solutions for dispensing water in offices and other public places: the MF10, MF20 and MF50 office water dispensers.

Designed to work with direct connection to the water supply, the office models are available in freestanding, over-counter or under-counter versions. A large filtration and carbonation compartment is available in the columns, with enough space for CO2 cylinders up to 4 kg.
Each model dispenses still, cold and cold sparkling water.

Available in various colours, our dispensers for the office are fitted only with low voltage electrical components for safe use by the end user. The countertop and freestanding models are also supplied with a stainless steel drip tray and removable upper front panel for easier cleaning.

Each model features a 1-way inlet solenoid valve to prevent water hammer inside the system even without the presence of a pressure reducer upstream, and thanks to the large saturator it can dispense at least 2 liters of sparkling water continuously .

To be recognizable on the market and offer your own line of dispensers for the office, it is possible, in the presence of suitable order quantities, to request external customization of the system. For more information, please contact our sales office

Our office water dispenser

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