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Water Dispenser born from Knowledge

GWS Industries is an Italian Manufacturer of Water Dispensers.

Our history began more than 20 years ago thanks to the technical knowledge of engineers and practical knowledge in the maintenance of water treatment systems.
Engineering knowledge has enabled the company to develop high-tech products, while practical experience has enabled us to create a product designed by professionals for professionals in order to facilitate their work.
Combining experience, manual dexterity and technical knowledge, we started to design the first machines, arriving today to a huge production of dispensers.

GWS industries is made up of a team of professionals who have many years of experience and all-around knowledge in the vast world of water treatment.

Research and Development

Research and Development Department from GWS Industries is made up of high-level designers.

They are involved in the continuous improvement of the water dispensers, studying and researching new technologies to be applied on the dispensers. 

The innovations will be presented at the various international trade fairs we attend each year and monthly via newsletters to our customers.

Expertise and Collaborations

The team’s experience and knowledge have enabled the company to take part in important and numerous collaborations with other companies and institutions, for example:

The Ministry of Health has requested our collaboration for drafting the guidelines of the treatment of drinking water.

Companies such as Omnipure USA, has relied on us to certify its products in Europe. 

De Longhi used our consultancy to develop domestic water dispensers.

With Fluid-o-Tech we have developed a new technology for water carbonation.

Finally, there are numerous technical and refresher courses that our staff.

Our Italian manufacturer of water dispenser has prepared over the years to adequately train professionals in the sector.


The culmination of our experiences and acquired expertise has resulted in a line of dispensers known for exceptional performance. Certified and compliant with Italian and European food contact regulations (MOCA and Accredia), these dispensers reflect our heritage, focusing on the high quality materials.

We’ve done a lot up to now, but for us this doesn’t mean we’ve lost the desire to improve and do research. Hence, our catalog consistently updates, refining dispensers for high performance, optimal technology, and competitive pricing.