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Made in Italy Water Dispensers

All our Made in Italy water dispensers, regardless of whether they are microfiltration or reverse osmosis models, are united by high level performancesease of use and installationmodern design and compliance with Italian and European laws.

Our long experience has allowed us to design well-sized plants, entirely Made in Italy and able to meet all the market requirements.

The GWS Industries commitment to Research and Development means every model the perfect match for its area of use.
All dispensers are constantly evolving and equipped with the best available components.

Domestic water dispenser

Domestic Water Dispensers

Our domestic dispensers meet all the requirements of a fast-growing market.
Their main features are low noise, compactness, safety and ease of use. Domestic catalog includes microfiltration and reverse osmosis models, both in undercounter and countertop version

Office water dispenser

Freestanding, Countertop and Undercounter Water Dispensers for the Office

GWS Industries Office models are available in various colors and can be customized according to the coordinated image of the dealer.
All dispensers are designed to work directly connected to the water supply for better performance. Freestanding models have a roomy storage compartment in which to install filtration group and 4 Kg CO2 cylinder


Horeca water dispenser

The Horeca line is the answer to the growing demand of the catering market by covering a large segment of needs in terms of the size of the business.
The entire Horeca line is produced with ice bank technology, has a 300l/h pump that works for a small-sized saturator.
Available over counter and under counter.

Osmosis and water treatment systems

Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment Systems

GWS Industries point of use water treatment systems dispense filtered water, sparkling and osmotized.
Our plants are compact solutions and guarantee high level performance in all areas of use