Warranty GWS Industries


This warranty is issued by the manufacturer GWS Industries, as a further conventional guarantee, reflecting an agreement between the parties.


The product is guaranteed for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase or, if later, from the date of delivery or installation. Beyond this term, GWS Industries will not be responsible for the lack of conformity found by the consumer customer. The delivery document from the company will be the document that will be used to verify the validity of the guarantee.


All internal components of the machines excluding the components subject to wear listed below:

  • Pump
  • Agitator

The components are subject to warranty only if original and/or manufacturer-recommended consumables have been used.

The warranty has no area or country restrictions.


There are no labor costs, the service is free. Transport costs, which include the return of the product from the manufacturer to the customer, are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

In the event of a failure not found, a defect attributable to incorrect use, willful misconduct, inexperience, non-existent defects or external damage, the costs will be charged to the customer.


The return must be subject to authorization after verification and the free port travel package will be at the expense of GWS Industries. The packaging is the responsibility of the customer and must be subject to particular care, if the packaging instructions provided by us are not respected, the guarantee will lapse.


Small supplies

Sending spare parts to replace the component subject to failure or defect and collection of it. In case of faulty refrigerant circuit, collection and replacement of the system in the first 6 months, after that, collection and repair. The withdrawal process is not automatic, a diagnosis of the problem will first be carried out. Only in the event of a faulty compressor and gas leak from the refrigeration circuit the return from the manufacturer is authorized

Big supplies

Percentage to be defined of finished products and components on consignment, replenishment of stocks based on the use of the spare parts warehouse, return and repair after the first 6 months, replacement within 6 months.

Attention:For all products with a refrigeration circuit, placing them on a platform (pallet) with suitable straps is mandatory

We remind you that the packaging is the responsibility of the customer and must be subject to particular care, if the packaging instructions supplied by us are NOT respected, the guarantee will expire.


Send an email to, where you will indicate:

  • Plant serial number
  • Type of defect or failure found
  • Problem analysis